The goal that has been easiest to achieve is to be sure that I am recycling paper, plastic, and cardboard.  The hardest goal has been to compost, because I have never experienced it/known what it was until I came to Denison. I have to force myself to get into the habit of composting. The trash sort helped me be more conscious of my waste by showing that everything I throw away can be sorted into different waste categories and, in sorting my trash, I can create a better environment.

Sabrina Thibault


  1. The trash sort definitely also helped me understand what can be put where. I think the biggest problem on this campus is that people do not know what can be composted, what can be recycled, and what can be thrown away. There are signs on the composting bins for what can be composted but people still do not take the time to compost. There needs to be some sort of motivation for people to compost. Perhaps, an external incentive would help.

  2. I think Sabrina’s point about composting exemplifies why the process may not be taking off as much as anticipated on campus. A lot of people have never been exposed to the idea of composting and simply are not used to doing it which makes it very easy to forget. A solution to this seems to be spreading the information about what composting is, what exactly can be composed, and why we should participate in it. Once people are better informed I think they will be more inclined to compost what they can and use this “green” resource on Denison’s campus.

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