Wasted Water!

I knew since I had soccer practice today that I would end up taking two showers but I planned on both of them being quick.  My morning shower was very fast, and I was feeling pretty good about my use of water until after practice.  First thing I saw when I walked into the showers down at mitchel athletic center were three showers on with nobody there.  I went to turn them off and the handles were jammed with the showers on and running cold water.  Watching this was a pretty bad feeling and it got worse as I turned another shower on.  It took minutes just for the water to get warm, and the water pressure was so bad that my shower ended up taking about 15 minutes.  As far as all other aspects go my day went pretty well, but in terms of water I learned a couple things.  I learned that I cannot really shower at mitchel any more, and although walking up without showering is not very fun, it is not worth it to have to take a 15 minutes shower.

Samuel Mason

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