Water Consumption/ Waste Management

So far this week has been a big adjustment. I started on Sunday by taking showers very sparingly in what some would call “military style”. I turn off the water while washing my hair, then turn it back on to rinse it off. This has proved to be a very effective method of greatly reducing my water-use.

Today, we started waste management. I went to Slayter for dinner, and it was very difficult to avoid waste. For my sides, I chose fruit instead of packaged goldfish or chips and I neglected to get a drink so that I could reduce the waste of that cup. It is definitely hard to cut waste when you want a snack because most small snacks, such as energy bars are packaged. I’m going to continue to reduce my waste and if I want a snack, I will select unpackaged food.

Caitlin Lutz


  1. With the waste I totally agree. I have come to the point where I feel like going to slayter sometimes isn’t even worth it. The other day I got a sandwich without even realizing that the wrapping of it would add my waste for the week.

  2. Ahaha, to be honest, I really do not like our “military style”. Especially that is our shower time. Taking a shower is one way to relax our body and mind. But you just pointed out a good way to save water is turning it off while washing hair. I will try it tomorrow. Oh, wait! It totally depends on the weather, in the winter; turn it off while washing hair is impossible. Anyway, that is a good point.

  3. I definitely agree with everything that you say here. Although I have not adopted the “military style” to showering, I have definitely worked to decreasing my shower time and working towards only taking 6 minute showers. Seeing that we are girls with long hair, this is hard for me to do and I constantly find myself rushing. Therefore, I may try to adopt the military style that you have suggested here as this would still decrease my shower time while not putting me under stress to complete my shower time in under 6 minutes.

    Next, with the waste, I totally agree that it is really hard to eliminate your waste completely at Slayter because this is a more “on the go” type of atmosphere. However, there are numerous ways to reduce your waste at Slayter. First, you can order sandwich instead of a salad as a sandwich comes in a paper wrap instead of a plastic container. Although if you feel the need for a salad, you can bring your own reusable container for a salad or you can rinse out your salad container and try to use it again or for other food storage. And, I really like your idea of having fruit on the side instead of packaged chips or pretzels as your fruit scraps can be composted versus the plastic packaging be thrown away. Then, with snacking, it is really hard to eliminate your waste especially when you are in a hurry and must grab something on the run. If you must have a granola bar or a power bar, then try to limit your consumption of them and try to only have one a day. In addition, you can try to have fresh fruit from the dining halls instead of having bars for your snack as the fruit waste can be composted. Finally, something that works for me to reduce my food packaging waste is to try to plan out my snacks for the day based on my schedule for the day. In my room, I have large bags of trail mix and nuts, so if I pack those up in reusable containers for the day. I find that this reduces my food packaging waste as I am only throwing one big bag every month or so versus 1-2 smaller ones each day.

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