Water, Energy, and Waste

The water situation is going about the same for me… I’m still trying to cut down on my shower time and keep up the habits of turning off the water in the sink when I am not directly using it. It seems to be getting easier as time goes on because I don’t have to force myself to remember as often, its becoming more of a second nature which is exactly what I was hoping would happen.

Energy is a little bit more difficult for me simply because so much of it is used. I was one of those people that had never turned my computer completely off. I would just close it and leave which I now realize is a wasteful habit on my part that I am making efforts to eradicate from my everyday energy use. So, today when I have been stepping away from my computer I have either put it to sleep or turned it off. This seems to have benefits because my computer holds a charge much longer therefore I do not need to have it plugged into the charger as frequently. I have also tried to make an effort to not use the lighting in my room when I do not need it. The blinds are open right now and the light from outside is pouring in leaving no need for the lights in the room. I made sure to turn everything off when I have left the room today, and have made some changes in my plug situation. I used to have different things plugged in all over my room in different outlets, but I consolidated into the two power strips that I have. Now, when I leave the room I can simply unplug the two power strips containing my chargers, lights, and anything else that needs plugged in instead of running around trying to unplug six appliances. I would say this has been the easiest goal to achieve so far in the process.

On the topic of waste I am making efforts to not purchase any packaged items and limit my use of the packaged foods that I already had in my room. I create much more waste then I was aware of and this has really put into perspective the changes that I need to make in order to not harm the environment through my lifestyle choices.

The goal so far that has been the easiest to achieve would have to be electricity for me because with the power strip idea and the fact that I do not use the lights in my room very much It has not been hard to keep up with my goals. The only challenge is remembering to turn my computer off. The trash sort helped me to be more conscious of my waste because it actually showed me what I was throwing away and what could be done with it. I am making sure to recycle everything possible now, as well as not throw away things that could have other uses.

Allie Richards

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  1. I’m so jealous of the natural light you seem to have in your room! I live in Crawford on the side that doesn’t face the quad, so I don’t get a lot of light in here. The light I do get is usually during the middle of the day when I’m on a-quad. I have found that it gets too dark to not have lights on by about 5-ish, so I try to be in the room when I can use the natural light and be elsewhere when there is no natural light available. So far I’ve been doing this by running outside or going to dinner or working in the study lounge until I absolutely need the lights in my own room. I feel a little bit like I’m mooching, but in some places it is unavoidable, like the dining halls. The power strip change is a great idea…I have adopted to this a little bit by only using my computer charger and only having it plugged in until my computer is at 100% battery. I think this is probably more efficient than plugging it in twice and only charging it to 50%.

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