Day 3!

Alright, I admit it! I screwed up today. Actually it was not until late in the day. My day went pretty well. I had not any of my own energy. I have class basically all day and don’t get back to my room until after dinner on Wednesdays. After going to the grocery store for lab by dinner time I was very hungry.  At Curtis I thought about what to eat. I decided to get pasta and as I was walking back to my table I saw that the main line had stuffed pepper. I thought that would be healthy. Usually when I see that dish I always assume it is vegetarian. I was wrong. I made the mistake of eating meat! It isn’t even that it has been hard not to. I didn’t even want meat! The pieces were so small I didn’t realize until five bites in. I felt terrible. I didn’t know whether to eat it so I didn’t waste it or throw it away. I ended up eating it because I just felt like that would be the lesser extreme. It was already on my plate. I can’t believe I couldn’t finish the week without staying vegetarian.
I also went the whole day without any trash except that a couple friends of mine went to get donuts earlier and offered me one. I was left with the wrapper. This is my least amount of trash that I have accumulated in a day though.

What I want to focus on for the next two days: Keep doing what I am doing but focus more on energy. Using my computer longer at night than I would like to.  For me, it is so easy to go to my computer for random things to continuously. Especially with scheduling yesterday, I just stayed on the computer longer than I would have liked. Tonight I would like to focus my computer time to school work. Tomorrow I only have one class in the morning. My goal, if I need a computer, is to use a community one, or at least work in the library instead of in my room. I would also like to end tomorrow with no waste whatsoever.

My water use has been good. I’ve kept up with my goal of washing my hair every other day. It’s not that bad. Sometimes that’s better for your hair anyway. It’s funny how this week is transitioning. I can already tell that I think about every move I make and I hope that that sense of awareness will stay with me beyond this project.

Mary Nehra


  1. Good points all. Mary, I’m totally impressed with your focus on certain areas! Keep up the good work.

  2. i feel your pain with the meat. Since I don’t eat any red meat, this sort of thing always happens to me and I always usually feel so guilty about throwing it away afterwards. Good job with the whole trash thing, thats pretty impressive

  3. Other then a the meat it sounds like things are going getting easier. I have also found that it gets easier as it goes on because it seems to be much less about it being hard and more about just breaking habits that we don’t realize we have.

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