Day 3

As day 3 comes to an end, it feels like this week is flying by. Today the day was not difficult at all because I was busy with homework and classes all day. I didn’t have to worry about food being organic or local because I only ate one time in the dinning hall. Also, I didn’t have to worry about trash creating trash because the only thing I ate during the day was fruit.

Since I had used up 2 hot showers yesterday, I decided to take a cold shower today since the day was pretty warm. The shower wasn’t that bad, but it was definitely a lot shorter and colder than usual. I guess this would teach me to take into account the value of water and the value of energy to heat the water. In the end, this brought me back to the path of reaching my goal of only having 5 hot showers during the week.

Ricardo Romero Jr.


  1. I tried to do the cold shower and I just could’t do it, but you make a great point that the cold shower does make for a shorter shower!

  2. Wow.. cold shower it must be exciting I strongly agree that when people are too busy, they dont have much time to have impact to the environment

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