Day 3- A much better day

Today in my opinion has been a great day when I think about the impact that I have made thus far.  As mentioned in my last post, today was the day that I had a huge organic chemistry exam so I really did not care what my hair looked like.  So after I showered to go to bed, my hair was still wet from the previous day.  I decided that every other day I was going to use hair supplies if I needed to!  When I woke up this morning and until 6:00 pm my hair was still wet from the previous night.  I think this is because my hair is REALLY REALLY thick (but it did not bother me).  Actually at lunchtime I was eating with my friends and my one friend said my hair looked greasy but that was because it was still wet!  She told me to take a shower but then I told her that it was wet from when I used it before. 

      After lab, I stayed in the classroom to work on my homework and study!  I kept the lights off the whole time which was very calming and it was a beautiful day outside so I did not care!  Also I used a white board instead of paper to conserve paper and used chalkboards from the classroom! 

     I did have one dilema today though: when we were walking up the hill one of my flip flops broke.  At first I was sad, but I don’t know what to do with my sandal because I do not want to throw it out and increase my “waste amount”.  I might just hang them on my wall for decor because I want to create as little trash as possible!

  Until Next time, Day 3 was a success!  Almost done though:)

Kelly Kuppler

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  1. I hope your exam went well! Using a white board is a very creative solution to not using paper, I saw you with your whiteboard today and was curious to know what you were doing with it. I am sorry about the flip flop but again, it sounds like you brainstormed a creative solution!

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