Day 3- Coffee coffee coffee!

Last night I couldn’t sleep if my life depended on it. I laid in bed for a while and when I didn’t fall asleep i tried the floor. After about an hour I gave up and grabbed another book. I went into the hall to read because it had been quite for a while and I didn’t want to wake my roommate. I quickly started working my way through my new book and about 3 chapters in I decided to give sleep another try. Didn’t happen. I went back to my book light method of reading because my bed is much nicer than the dirty hall.

Once light started creeping in through the window (when Evelyn’s half-water shape-shifting boyfriend is fighting a faerie who’s trying to light her on fire from the inside… What? I need trashy books to replace my trashy TV!) I finally fell asleep. Then slept through 3 alarms and 1 one friend trying to shake me awake. It annoyed me that I kept my electronics on to wake me up and they failed me. Yup! Now I’m annoyed with inanimate objects and myself for using a light all night.

The rest of my day was pretty uneventful, I’ve stayed vegetarian, took a 6 minute shower, conserved electricity… I did realize how much coffee I drink in a day. Before I brought my mug with me I would feel slightly guilty every time I got a drink, so I told myself “No” a lot. Now that it’s guilt-free, I went into Curtis 4 times today just to refill my mug. At least I’m not wasting a cup? I’ve also cut back on cosmetics. I haven’t worn any make-up all week, just my tinted moisturizer! Now it’s off to bed (without my usual music) before I cave and start a TV show. I am really proud of how much I’ve cut back on computer time.

Only 2 days to go!

Caroline Kahn


  1. I agree I’m all about filling up my bottle with coffee at the dining halls!

  2. That’s a pretty good day! Keep up the good work!

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