Day 3-Hanging in There

Today has been a good day, especially with all of the beautiful sunshine lighting up everything. Having sunshine makes not using lights much easier and really picks up my spirits! My electricity use hasn’t been too bad today, but I watched some TV with my friends who were already watching play-off hockey and soccer. My water use has still been great as I am planning to only showering on Tuesday and Thursday. However, I didn’t plan well because I am running out of laundry and might have to do some before Saturday. I’ll try to holdout, but I’m not sure if I can. While those aspects have been going well, I seem to¬†accidentally¬†break vegetarian meals in a small way. Yesterday it was turkey on a sub, today it was a stuffed pepper that I thought only had rice. It hasn’t been hard to find good vegetarian options, I just haven’t been able to be perfect yet besides Monday. This week has been fun and interesting, but I can foresee Friday being the hardest day. At least that will be the last day…

Matthew Kennedy

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  1. I guess having sunny days and beautiful weather sure does make the week a whole lot better. We can use less energy in every aspect because of the sun. Today As I can see from everyone, has been a pretty easy day.

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