Day 3: Not feeling so well today

The day was a success when it comes to my No Impact Week goals. A less than 5 minute shower, ate no meat during the day, used 1 napkin, no paper towels, and the list goes on. The whole No Impact Week has started to settle in now more than anything and I am feeling a lot more energetic than usual. However, after dinner today, I became quite ill. I had this massive headache and an upset stomach. Despite the tremendous successes with my food consumption, I do not think I am eating enough. I am getting very hungry prior to meals, which should be normal but I am also getting headaches. If I get headaches, that normally means I am not eating enough; although, I feel like I do. 2 plates of salad, a plate of rice, and a bowl of cereal should be enough for a dinner. Obviously, it was not today though. I just need calories in my body to function. After the composer’s concert today, I went straight to Slayter to buy a glass bottled lemonade. (YES, I know it is not sustainable but I needed something. I don’t have anything in my room.) I’ll be sure to recycle the bottle at least so I feel somewhat good about myself despite my small failure. Objectives for the rest of the week? Continue on with the low waste and water consumption but figure out some way to eat more so I can go about my day.

Question for the day for me is how do I go about eating enough food to function throughout the day? Do I eat more or do I eat more of a certain food? I am trying to avoid meat as much as possible but what can I eat at the dining halls that would fulfill that goal? If anyone has any tips, they would be greatly appreciated!

Daniel Fiorentini

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  1. It sounds like a lot of the class has been able to find vegetarian options at the dining halls. Check out some other posts, but certainly don’t make yourself sick over this.

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