Day 3: Not the easiest day…

So today was long day, not going to lie, I was dying to eat some sort of meat. Some how, some way, I was able to find the inner strength to continue on my weeks quest of being a Denison Vegetarian! Sticking to the basics of eggs for breakfast and a hummus sandwich for lunch has really created a foundation for my new diet. In our lab down at Ross’s Market, I was able to purchase some green snacks to help me through this week. I bought some baby carrots, red-pepper hummus, pepper jack cheese and peanut butter spread. Not only did my group create a great no-impact dish but I was also able to stock up on some food for my dorm room. I did have one mess up down at the market though, I forgot to ask for a paper bag, so instead I got plastic!! I was pretty mad at myself for letting this happen. Well I guess it was just a rookie mistake, I’ll just have to do better next time.

Go Green Or Go Home!

Thomas Dacey


  1. I’ve mentioned before that you have to brush off the little mistakes…the cool thing is that you are THINKING about your consumption. In the past I’ve heard people in the grocery line behind me complain that I’ve asked for paper (which I can reuse or recylce) or have brought my own bag. I think it’s so sad that they don’t even realize the consequences of their actions. We might not always make the right decisions, but at least we know what will happen based on our decision. Keep it up!

  2. It is awesome that you were able to control yourself about meat! that’s great it was really hard for me to be vegetarian so I eat tuna but its great you are being strong enough! so keep it up! And about the plastic bag I am sorry that happens I just think you would have definitely been able to do it you just need to be conscious about NI the whole day.

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