Day 3: On a roll…don’t stop me now.

After the exhaustion of my first day, this has been a pretty decent NI Week.  And by decent, I mean low impact.  I really think hiding the paper towels in my house was one of the best things I could have done.  I have yet to use a single paper towel or kleenex.  However, I am going to have to clean some towels and handkerchiefs by the weekend!  I am actually proud of the minimal amount of waste I have produced this week.  I think this is something I definitely want to keep up once the project is over.

I also like looking for products with little packaging, and I think the more we demand/ask nicely for these items, the more people will make them available.  For instance Kevin at the Soup Loft helped to provide me with a waste free lunch.  I was able to get soup in a reusable container and he folded my bread in the cloth napkin I brought from home.  I think it’s also great that a woman at Slayter allowed Jen to take her pizza in her own container.  We wrote a thank you letter to Slayer for this…hopefully, they can keep helping us out.

Which leads me to start a discussion that will definitely happen on Friday.  “Why are we doing this???”  In fact, I had one naysayer tell me that this was a dumb project.  My feelings were hurt, but I’m sure many others would agree.  Are we making much of a difference by doing this (and really it’s an attempt at low impact, not No impact) for a week?  What difference will one student make by asking for pizza in her own container or will another student make by skipping on the mint at Curtis???   In my own house, I am going without light in the evening just to see the bathroom light left on in the morning….ugh!  But it’s the third time I’ve done this with a class and the fourth time I’ve done this on my own.  Obviously, I have an opinion about the purpose and value of this project…but I won’t give it to you yet.

Enjoy this beautiful, sunny, NI day…and keep the lights off!



  1. Kelly and Jeremy- Thanks for the support! We’d love to have you on board in the future, Jeremy!

  2. Good job Dr. Aguilar! I’m finding this project very rewarding and learning that I need to change my life on what I think I need to survive (because most of what I use is unecessary). That’s really cool about the soup loft. My brother is taking me out to lunch- we might have to try the soup loft. too bad I gave up deserts for this project (Whits would be perfect)!!!

  3. The Sustainability Coordinator has some views on the benefits of this as well – he won’t share yet either. Perhaps next year he’ll participate as well 😉

    Kudos to a fun week filled with challenges, insights, and even annoyances.

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