Day 3: Over the Hill

We are over half way there. That’s exciting for many reasons. None of the changes I have made have been so drastic that I can’t wait to get back to normal things. There have been a few minor inconveniences, but these just take some getting used to. I honestly don’t need paper towels to dry my hands, for example. They dry themselves in just a minute. This whole project is probably a lot easier here at a college campus. At least we don’t have to shop for food, though the food would be better. Especially after visiting the Market today, local foods are probably the hardest part this early in the growing season. That’s where patience comes in. Just because we want something now doesn’t mean we have to have it. No tomatoes? We can find a way to make it work. Maybe canned tomatoes from last season. To go as extreme as Beavan would require a lot more effort, but as I said before, the small things can make a big difference.

Unfortunately, some of the small things catch you off guard. When I got the soft-serve ice cream at Knuckle Heads, they wrapped the cone in a paper napkin. At least I can compost that. Worst of all, though, was the package I got. I bought two shirts online. They both came in a plastic envelope. One of them was also wrapped in plastic inside. None of it was recyclable. The only thing I could do with it to re-purpose it would be to use it as a trash bag. Oh well… At least one of the shirts was made in the US with organic cotton. Otherwise, my trash has been low, my showers shorter, no napkins. My goals have been kept up pretty well. I wish I could have some meat at the dining hall though. That’s been hard. Only two more days though. Let’s keep it up.

Conner Toth

Conner Toth '15 Geoscience Major Spanish Minor


  1. I have been feeling the same way actually! This week has not been as hard as I had expected it to be. I have been able to give up things that I am not dying to get back to doing. It’s an accomplishment that you are going this whole week without meat! I could not do that…I have limited my meat consumption though. Plus I don’t eat meat for breakfast. Keep up the good work!

  2. Since I have come to college, I have become a much more avid online shopper. Like you, I am always SO frustrated with how much packaging there is. A plastic bag for a t-shirt is not necessary on-top of the box, address sticker, full-page receipt, tape, and whatever other packaging is used!!

  3. I agree with you on being caught off guard. It’s ridiculous how many things can catch you off guard and I think it goes to prove how much our society consumes.

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