Day 3!

So today was fine for me, overall. In the morning I again didn’t have any meat :] so that is good! Unfortunately, I accidently ate a Curtis mint though! :/ oh well. I am not doing too well with my no individual packaging goal. Kept the lights off until around 7:30 tonight too and had a less than 5 minute shower! I did not do too well with meat at lunch and dinner, but it could have been worse. Other than that, there is not much interesting that happened today for me, which I guess is a good thing? I took out the recycling and went through our two bins thoroughly to make sure everything I placed in the bins was separated and actually recyclable. Also, for once I actually remembered to take off the caps and toss them in the trash. Hope tomorrow goes as well as today did.



  1. The mints are a killer especially when they put them right by the door on your way out. The toothpicks as well. Ive been doing that as well with sorting out the recyclables and making sure i separate the caps and the bottles.

  2. Oh yeess! my mint was my trash of the day and I was so angry because I didnt even realize about it until I had the mint in my mouth. That is great you recycled I did a little too today I will definitely take the trash out tomorrow and make sure that I am recycling as much as I can

  3. Those mints just get everyone! Especially when one of the workers continuously reminds us to get one. I guess that is one habit we have to get rid off.

  4. Those curtis mints are dangerous…Stay strong…haha
    That’s great that you’re doing a bunch of recycling, I think I’m going to try to organize some of my recyclables to take out later this week now!
    Keep up the good work with the lights and showers!

  5. I had a mint too! I guess it’s a habit. You are not alone. At least it was only one wrapper. Day three was quiet for me too. We’re lucky to have had bright, sunny weather to light our rooms. That’s been really convenient. If only were allowed to have candle in the room like the Amish. Keep up the good habits!

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