Well, DAY THREE was good. It was by far the best day so far; without too many mishaps.   I am also very impressed with myself because I have managed to stay a vegetarian so far. Although, I must say it has not been easy. The one mishap I did have today was that I forgot to bring my coffee mug to Slayter and at the time I was in desperate need for coffee, so I bought one (although, I did recycle and did not use sugar!). That was really the only trash today that I created that I was not able to recycle or compost. This whole week so far, I have begun to be very conscious of the waste that I create.  Now, every time I am eating a meal in Huffman or Curtis I will only fill my plate to the amount that I know I can eat. I guess I have learned that it is better to put a little food on my plate and then get more food, rather than fill my plate with food and not eat at all.  And although this is a very simplistic idea, I never really took the time to focus on it and recognize how it can be such an easy way to minimize one’s trash. I also must add, that it feels really good to be so conscious of food, not just for the amount of trash, but because it does feel good to avoid processed foods and eat lower on the food chain.  So, so far, I am feeling good!

Catherine Weirick


  1. I totally agree with you about really thinking about what you eat/the waste you create. Before having this “no impact week”, i never really though twice about leaving the lights on or throwing a serving of perfectly good food away. It makes you realize that we need to be more appreciative of all these luxuries we have.

  2. Good job on staying vegetarian! I’ve been working on that as well and surprisingly don’t miss meat all that much. Yet… I;m also glad that things are getting easier for you! It seems like you’re doing a great job of consciously changing your habits. I’m also happy that you didn’t get sugar with your coffee, it’s cool to see that when you slip up you do what you can to make a difference rather than caving! Keep it up!

  3. I agree with the food, but it can also be a problem if you want more of the mainline food. The servers usually make you take a new plate for the main meal, so getting more the first time can help. However, it is a great idea with everything else, especially meat and dairy since most others things can be recycled.

  4. Good job at limiting your trash! I also have tried to be more conscientious about how much food I put on my plate so I can limit the water used to clean my plates. I have been using paper napkins and then composting them, but I think I want to try to bring my own towel. I’m also feeling a lot better about eating low on the food chain! Good work!

  5. i’ve been vegetarian too. It’s not too bad. I had done it once before here, but it seems worse this time. I’m I really wanted a slice of personal size pepperoni pizza, but no. And good job not using the sugar. Too bad you forgot your cup. Hopefully we can all get in the habit of carrying those around all the time. Maybe start a trend. Good work though! We are almost there.

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