Nap Time

Day three turned out to be my best day so far.  I think that it is getting easier for me because what I have been struggling with is not the inconvenience of trying to be sufficient with my resources and not produce trash, but just breaking habits.  Things like Torrin mentioned about taking a mint at curtis or grabbing a tissue without realizing it have been the hardest part.  But today my only slip up was came late in the day.  I had classes back to back until our lab at 130 where we embarked on a 10-15 mile journey to the market.  Maybe it was all the miles of walking or maybe it was the sleep depravation, but this left me tired enough to go back to the my dorm to take a nap.   I fell asleep with my fan off, lights off and everything in my room unplugged.  This was about 330 and my alarm was unplugged so I did not set it for any time.  Next thing I knew it was 830 and I had been asleep for 5 hours.  This ate up the major portion of my day where I would have used energy, making my day very energy sufficient!  I did go to slayter after this and while I did eat vegetarian, my sandwich had a wrapper that I had to throw away.  So this along with the trash from my sweet new glasses were my only slip ups today, making it clearly my most successful day so far.

Samuel Mason


  1. I’m pretty sure it was a total of 1 mile there and back!

  2. And that is why we have alarm clocks. I wish I can take a 5 hour nap. That would be nice in the hectic final weeks of class. There were two upsides to it. One, you got some quality rest. Two, you did not use much energy today because of that.!

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