NI Week Flying By!

I can’t believe it is already the third day of NI week. Here I thought this  no impact would challenge would be so difficult that it would seem as thought the week was dragging on forever, but its going by much easier than I’d expected. That’s not to say however, that I have been doing a perfect job. Today for example, I mindlessly grabbed a mint as I was walking out of Curtis, and didn’t even think about the little plastic wrapped around it that I’d have to throw away. I’m very proud of myself for staying under 4 minutes in the shower! It was actually easier than I thought, and hopefully if I just get into the habit of it, I can continue to take such short showers even after NI week is over. I’ve also been going strong on spending most of my time in communal areas where lights are already turned on. However, during the day, I’ve actually gotten in the habit of turning out the lights in some of the computer labs or lounges I’m in. When it’s bright out enough, people usually don’t mind when I ask if I can turn the lights out. My biggest challenge today was not wasting time on the computer.  I had my laptop plugged in today for at least 7 hours, which is a huge amount, when I could have been in a lab.Tomorrow, I am going to challenge myself to not even open up my laptop, and to only use computers in the lab that would already be on anyway.

Eleanor Gates

pumped for NI week!! :)

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  1. Great to see you making progress! Good idea to turn of the lights of labs. People usually leave them on and its a waste of energy.

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