Third day .. a little problem with the trash

So today was actually a really good day. I woke up in the morning exercised, created no trash and took a 5 min shower in cold water.I was so proud of myself of doing it that I realized it is not as hard as I thought it would be. I had a good breakfast with no meat in it and no milk and a I didnt waste any of my food,so my goal for the food was going pretty well. After that, I had class all day and I only had a little candy wrap as trash. The problem was when I received many emails about the package room and I realized I had 4 boxes that my family had bought online. I had to carry all the boxes to my room and I didnt even think about the amount of trash that would be. But then I had a good idea, I was going to recycle the boxes and instead of buying new ones for all the things I had to leave here during the summer I would use this ones. Even though they were small and it wasnt that convenient still I was able to recycle most of it and create less trash than what I would have expected.

I couldn’t ¬†achieve my trash goal today but at least I did a little recycling. Tomorrow I will try to go to mealex again with my container I hope it works. Wish me luck =)

Daniela Troya

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