The most difficult thing for me is to compost. I am not a compost guy but I started trying to compost at the beginning of this no impact week. Although I paid a lot a ttention to reminding  myself to compost after every meal, I did not do very well. Usually, I am chatting with my friends or in a hurry to my class, so I forget to do so.  However, comparing to the past that I did not compost at all, I made some progress. I only forgot to compost yesterday lunch and dinner. Of course, I will try to do better.

When it comes to sorting trashes, it goes well now. I told my roommate about our no impact week idea, he strongly supports me. Now we use our two trash bins as one for recycle and the other for the waste. Also, we rinsed out all the recyclable plastic cups and try to use as few pages of paper as we can. Unfortunately, we both have a lot of writing assigments and consequently we produced lots of waste papers. In stead of just throwing them away, now we use the back sides of them as scratch paper. I find it is quite cool for environmental protection and there is no difference for me to these waste paper as scratch paper rather than use blank paper.

Also, my water plan goes quite well. I turned on the stopwatch when I went to shower. And I found out for the past two days, I shower within 10 minutes every time.  Moreover, now I will turn of the faucet when I was brushing my teeth.  The only thing I need to change now is that I am still used wash my hair in the morning, not as what I planed that I should wash my hair during showering. I will try to do so from tonight. Go ahead, no impact week!

Gary Wu

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