I’m blogging a little late simply because I mixed up the days. I have found that limiting my water consumption is really easy. By taking shorter showers and brushing my teeth and washing my face while in the shower has maximized my shower time. I feel that one of the hardest thing for me to do is to simply limit my energy consumption. So far I have been keeping the light off in my room until night fall because I realized that with the window open there is enough light to keep the room illuminated. Once its night time I turn on the lights but whenever I leave the room I make sure to shut off every light. The place where I am facing so many problems is with my electronics. I have since Monday only turned off my computer once and my phone has stayed on constantly. I don’t know if anyone else has any advice for me about shutting off my electronics. What has worked for you guys and how do you limit your electronic use?

Now we have moved on to the waste I have been rethinking a lot of what I throw out. I found that before the trash sort I would not have really paid attention to my waste as much. I always try and recycle my bottles and cans but what about looking at my paper or plastic products. I find that i am looking to see what type of plastic I am about to throw out so that I can minimize the amount of trash I am simply throwing out.

Grace Patrick

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  1. I’ve noticed that I’ve been doing the same thing. Lately I’ve been checking anything that I’m about to throw out to see if and how it gets recycled. I’ve been recycling all year but more recently I’ve noticed that my paper and plastic recycling have been filling up faster than usual. This is probably because I’ve been taking more care in knowing what gets recycled and putting my waste where it belongs. I’m happy to see that other people are going through the same behavioral changes as me during this project.

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