College = Easier to be NI

As Gena was blogging about earlier this week, I’ve so far found it pretty easy…I almost feel like I’m cheating and I think I have being on such a small campus to thank for that. First of all, I have no car. Even if I did have a car though, I don’t think I would drive it much, because everything I need is right here on campus. Once in a while I have had to order something online, which I suppose if I had a car I would have been able to drive to Heath or Newark to get, but maybe buying online is actually more sustainable…not exactly sure how to calculate the difference.Its funny because “sustainability” is kind of a relative term, qualitative and quantitative at the same time, so it is often difficult to determine whether one way of doing something would be truly more sustainable than another. That is at least my current dilemma with eating, for example, it is hard to determine whether it is more sustainable to eat local meat and give up fruit from another hemisphere, or forgo the meat and eat the fruit. I suppose if I wanted to be really, really sustainable I would give up both. But then am I really finding that middle ground between asceticism¬†and hedonism, as Colin Beaven suggested was the most reasonable? So many questions….

Anyways, today has been very NI, I spent almost the whole afternoon reading in the Curtis West lounge with the lights turned off and then I made sure to recycle my meal x container and not take any napkins. Other than that I haven’t had trash and was able to keep my shower under 4 minutes.

Eleanor Gates

pumped for NI week!! :)


  1. I agree with all of the comments. I think about my life at home compared to here. For instance, I do not have a car here so I walk everywhere. But at home, I drive everywhere. It would be much harder to be at home than here. Also in college, I do not watch tv at all and at home all I do is watch TV!

  2. Good job on keeping a balance between hedonism and asceticism. Well said. As for online stuff, I said before, I bought two shirts the other day. They flew out here from Seattle. That’s a lot of CO2 for clothes. That’s the problem with global distribution systems. Its not just our food. I settle on the fact that there is no perfect way to live sustainably. Everything has a consequence. Like you said, its about finding the middle way. If we all do a little, a lot will get done.

  3. I totally know what you mean about cheating. It makes it so much easier having pretty much everything you need right here on campus and especially since you don’t have a car. I am in the same position. Good job so far!

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