Day 3– not that good

Day three is kind of my worst day since my no impact week. Even though as usual i gave up the breakfast, but when I went to the Curtis dining hall for lunch, I mistook the pork in the fried rice for beef. The thing is, whenever I eat pork, I feel like throwing up. So I just had a cup of fruit punch and tofu salad. As I was working at a concert tonight, I wont be able to get to the dining hall again. I wasnt able to get up the hill until nine fifteen. Because of the concert, I had to get dressed, so as a result of limit of pockets, I couldnt be able to bring my bag or cup. I got some chips and chicken nuggets.. I was so hungry. The good thing was that I didnt turn on the lights when i came back. I only used the reading lights and read some books. Before going to bed, I also unplugged my laptop and my cell phone.

Jianda Bai


  1. No need to get so down on yourself. Its tough living so sustainably and without making an impact. SOme days will be better than others but you at least ended it well by unplugging everything.

  2. Jianda- Don’t beat yourself up over it. I think what we have to realize is that it takes time and planning to live more sustainably. For instance, I really wanted to go to the talk on Fracking last night but couldn’t due to the fact that I have to make a sustainable meal! If I did go to the talk I would only have had time to eat out. As a student with a lot of demands, I can see that it’s hard to take the time to be more sustainable. Still, you can finish off the week strong…good luck!

  3. You never realize how much electricity you use on a daily basis until you really sit down and think about it.

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