Day 3: Slip-Up Day

Today wasn’t the best day for me not making an impact.  While visiting Slayter for Meal-X the lady working would not allow me to put the food in my own container.  It really doesn’t make any sense but after questioning why I decided to let it go.  ALso, my candy urge got the best of me and I just had to buy a candy bar from Slayter.  Other than that, it was a pretty successful day.  No shower saved a lot of water but i did wash my face and shave today.  The lights were kept off, along with the TV and i didn’t even have to charge my phone or computer.  The laundry is starting to pile up but if I eventually am forced to do it, I’m going to  hang up my clothes on one of the drying lines you can get from Curtis West.  In regards to saving oil, I walked to get couch medicine from CVS and used my back pack instead of a plastic bag to carry everything back to campus.

Zach Fleming

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  1. Good job on the trip to CVS…and remembering to take your back-pack.

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