Day 4!

This week has gone by so fast! I can’t believe that it’s already day 4! Today was a pretty no-impact day, as I again didn’t use any electricity in my room, charged my phone in the library, and ate vegetarian. I have noticed, however, that I haven’t really cut down on my dairy like I wanted to. Its not like I usually eat a ton of dairy, but today I had a grilled cheese, chocolate, and a quesadilla with sour cream, so that’s quite a bit! I don’t feel too bad about it because when you eat vegetarian in the dining halls, as I mentioned before, you eat a LOT of carbs, and often with carbs comes dairy products.

Otherwise, the rest of my day was pretty typical. I took a 4-5 min. shower and used cold water to wash my hands and face, and I didn’t need to purchase any products. Last night I went to the bandersnatch and got a snagel, but I was able to have them give it to me on a paper towel which is better than the plastic plates that the food usually comes on. I also used a couple napkins during my meals today, but I always compost them! The only issue I’m having is with tissues! I’ve been restraining myself from using them and have been trying to use the cloth one, but it’s been kind of hard remembering not to immediately grab one when I walk by my desk. Maybe If I could make a handkerchief out of an old tshirt, which might be more comfortable material, and I could even

We’ll see what tomorrow brings!

Gena Grant


  1. Thankfully I dont have access to tissues in my room so I’ve been forced to use my hankerchief

  2. This week has been going by really fast! I have also have been having similar problems as you, as I often find myself reaching for tissues without thinking about it.

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