Day 4

Today was much easier the the previous three. I was able to pick up on the little things that I do like taking mints from Curtis or playing music while I shower in the locker room or shoot in the gym. I was even able to convince my rooommate to turn off our lights and fan for an extended period of time today!!! When I ate today I limited the amount of meat that I ate. I did try to eat a vegitarian meal today but I epically failed becasue there was chicken cordon bleu and I couldn’t not eat it. I only took one shower after my lifting session and it was freezing cold which made me sprint through it. I’m going to try and follow the same routine that I went with today for day 5!

Torin Jeffreys


  1. Its awesome that the lights were finally turned off. Now you are really living the No impact dream!

  2. The biggest success of yours is getting your roommate to turn off the lights! Mine never does that. He is always in his room on his laptop or doing homework. Good job with that!

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