Day 4

Today by far has been my worst day! I was unable to go to dinner or even lunch, so I was forced to eat at Slayter in a hurry so had to purchase packaged food and a soft drink. With this in mind, my trash went up greatly. This was something that I was really trying to cut down on, but sadly today ruined it for me.

On a good note, my shower goal has stayed on the right track because today I once again took a cold shower. This allows 2 hot showers for tomorrow, which I probably will not use because the day will be kind of warm. I can now say that my goal to cut down on water has been a success.

Ricardo Romero Jr.


  1. SOme days are gonna be messed up but youve done a good job on the water! Water has been a main focus of mine throughout the week.

  2. Way to finish the week off with an extra hot shower left!

  3. Hey! Good job on the water! That’s a great accomplishment. Also, just because you didn’t do well on trash today doesn’t mean you haven’t been doing well the rest of your week! One night doesn’t derail all your progress, so tomorrow try to pick up where you left off yesterday and finish strong!

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