Day 4: A Trashy Day

Today was definitely my worst day yet. In a hurry to get to Big Brothers Big Sisters (which I drove to; at least it was a carpool), I grabbed an almost-empty container of hummus, some vegetables in a plastic bag, and a pre-wrapped granola bar. All of these wrappers ended up in the trash. As my day continued, I produced more trash: a tissue, an empty bag of crackers, and a plastic bag from the cookie I was given to thank me for my service with Big Brothers Big Sisters. Although I created all of this trash, I am proud to say that I was successful in giving back to Adrienne, my little. Today she told me about that her cat is pregnant and is going to have eight babies. She also explained that she is part cow (because she likes to eat grass), part dog (she’s got a fabulous bark), and part cat (she’s got her meow down pat). Although I sometimes feel that she does not benefit from our weekly lunches, today I reassure myself that this good that I did, can make up a tiny amount for the plethora of trash I guiltily produced.

Zoe Walpuck

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  1. It sounds like we had very similar days. Today was my worst day by far as far as trash production and I also carpooled. I did not feel guilty about the carpool though because they would have been going with or without me.

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