Day 4: A Wonderfully Successful Day on the Hill

Today I times my shower and it was at 3:25.  Not as successful as the first time I timed it but it was pretty close.  I didn’t create any trash today either and no food was wasted while enjoying a fine VEGETARIAN meal from Curtis.  The options for vegetarian eating today were pretty good!  I caught my roommate having the lights on today and I plugged my phone in for 20 minutes.  Other than those small uses of electricity, I consider the day to be a success.  I was astonished to see how many aluminum cans I could see in the trash cans around campus and even more astonished by all the recyclable paper in the waste.  There needs to be an even better way of informing students to really look into what they are throwing away to see if it can be recycled.

Zach Fleming


  1. Its great to hear that you are keeping up with going vegetarian and using less water! Seeing all of the bullsheets and newspapers in the Huffman trash or all of the aluminum beer cans left over after really any day of the week behind Sawyer is always disheartening. I hope we can get larger bins or educate people better, but it is hard to make people change their habits.

  2. Hey Zach, congrats on going vegetarian! I’ve also done it for the week. And you’re right, Curtis has actually often had some surprisingly good vegan and vegetarian options for the meals.

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