Day 4-Almost There

I finally went a whole day without actually eating any meat. It is’t that it was hard not to, sometimes I just don’t think about something like turkey on a sub. However this project is making me look forward to summer where I will be cooking my own food and will be able to choose exactly what I want. I will also have fresh veggies from my own garden plot and from the farms where I will be interning this summer! Not to mention the farmer’s market that really gets going in summer. Outside of food, I am doing well on water (only showered once so far…) and I should be able to hold out on laundry till Saturday. Unfortunately I drove to softball today as it was held on the IM fields and I had my whole baseball bag. Next time I will only bring what I need and will just make the long walk. We are almost done with no impact, but I hope to carry these experiences into my normal life!

Matthew Kennedy

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  1. It becomes a whole lot easier to lower the amount of meat you eat when you can’t really have a good dinner.

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