Day 4: Its just another NI Day

This morning I woke up feeling very good, I got a solid eight hours of sleep and I was on a mission to have a successful no-impact day. After my first class, I went to Curtis and got breakfast, I had some eggs, potatoes, and a banana. After my second class, I had to help out with my fraternity’s fund raising event behind Slayter. Unfortunately, I was starving and I got lunch at Slayter. I had a greek yogurt and a vegetarian quesadilla. I am happy that I was able to continue being a vegetarian but I was unhappy about the trash I created from the packaging of the food. After lunch, I took a nap and had a quick five minute shower. So far this week, I have cutback on my water usage a lot more then I originally thought I would be able to do! Presently, I am at the library working on my school work and I am about to once again head back to Slayter, but this time I have a plan! I’m bringing my reusable bottle for my coffee so that I can reduce my personal trash production. For tonight, I’m going to get a vegetarian meal at Huffman and most likely come back to the library to continue with my work. Lastly, I have yet to turns the lights on in my dorm room this week!

Gotta love the Yankee Candle 🙂  [and it smells good too!]

Thomas Dacey


  1. It is great that you are finding vegetarian dishes at Slayter I might go and try some! and good job with taking your reusable cup for coffee,I would tell you to take a plastic container for the food but I am not sure they will allow it. But keep it up with the vegetarian ! it is hard so that is great!

  2. Nice job not turning on the lights! With my roommate, I could only get her to agree to no lights until after dinner. I also think its great that you are not eating any meat this week. Nice job! Keep that up! Only one more day to go.

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