Today was by far the easiest day for me. I think it was a combination of the week progressing and it being such a nice and sunny day. When I first woke up I had a healthy breakfast at Huffman. I was able to compost my banana peel and 2 napkins. Today, though, when I was putting my plate away, I noticed how many people do not compost things that are compostable. I would say that more than half the plates in the tray had food that was able to be composted, yet wasn’t.  It is curious to me why people do not compost, because it really is such a simple task.  I also have only been drinking water these past few days and it feels very good to be constantly hydrated.  To continue my day, I had a veggie wrap for lunch and for dinner I had Mexican food, I also spent no time in my room today and also managed to remember to unplug all my appliances when leaving for class. Also, at night I have been lighting candles and my bedside lap and my roomate’s bedside lamp, so I have been saving energy in that sense as well. So thus, today, I would say was a day free of many mistakes, if any. I am looking forward to my last day and ultimately looking forward to eating some meat again this coming weekend. That’s all for now!

Catherine Weirick


  1. I know. I had a lot of students complain about this last year. I think Zach made a good point in his post…perhaps there needs to be more education on the issue of composting/recycling!

  2. I’m glad things are getting easier for you! The sun today definitely made everything easier for me today too, I spent time outside rather than in my room. It was great! I never realized how much could be composted in the dining halls that isn’t until you mentioned it. Now that I think about it though, it seems ridiculous!

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