Day 4…so, so

Today was not a terrible day, but not a great day. I started out with a five minute shower and then proceeded to Huffman where I had a peanut butter sandwich to go so no napkin, no waste. I also brought my reusable mug and a water bottle so no wasting water for dishes. At lunch and dinner, I also ate in the dining halls so I used little to no waste. After my second workout, I took a short shower (about 7 minutes) which is a little longer than I wanted, but still not bad. Since the weather was gorgeous, that made it easier to keep the lights off, so we just opened our blinds. My only slip up was around mid day when I realized I went WAY too long without doing laundry and I had to do laundry. I did put it on cold water and I only dried my clothes for 20 minutes. I still felt guilty but I was almost out of clean laundry…did not plan that too well. But all in all not a bad day! Four down, one to go! Happy NI! 🙂

Molly Willingham

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  1. Good job with the short showers, thats the part of “no impact week” that i’m having the hardest time with!
    Good job today though, I had the same feelings about the beautiful day.

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