Day 4!

Day 4 started out with a workout in Mitchell for me. I did not want to run so I instead used the eliptical…woops. When I got back not only did I only use the shower water for less than 2 minutes, but I used cold water! This time using cold water, my second time, was not as brutal, but it was still tough. I will admit though that it felt good after a workout on a warm day. At lunch I had minimal meat, pork, and lots of rice and veggies. I was joking around with my friends about how not enough people compost their napkins so my friend walked up to a banana peel on the trays and picked it up and tossed it in the compost! I have been liking that Curtis dining has been keeping the lights off for Earth week. I wish they would do that on a regular basis. There is no need for lighting during the day because there are so many windows. Anyways, I had no meat at dinner, but I did have some cheese..but not too much. I also had a lot of veggies again. No fans today, only our open window and we have not turned the lights on yet today. Hope tomorrow I can finish off the week strong!



  1. Jen I agree about the lights in Curtis. There are so many windows in there that this time of years it’s nice without the lights. I understand Curtis having them on in the winter and other necessary times, but I feel that Earth Week proves a good point that we do not always need them.

  2. I’m very impressed that you were able to take such a quick shower, and in the cold! I thought that I could take my showers in only 5, but usually by the time I hit the 5 minute mark, I am just washing out my conditioner. Keep up the good work on the short showers!

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