Day 4:Science Majors waste a lot of stuff

Sooo today is Day 4 of No impact week.  Today was a really busy day!  I started with not taking a shower today- which was really hard but allowed me to sleep in so I was happy with it!  Particularly today, it was not a bad day at all but that might be because it was a really busy day with majors lab and Soc Anth class that is an hour and a half duration.  Therefore I have not have had that much time to just ponder about making no impact on the environment.  After Soc Anth I had a hour and a half to finish writing a lab report that was due that day.  I was originally on the second floor of Talbot.  I decided to decrease my energy intake and decided to take the stairs instead of the elevator.  As I walking up the stairs, I could hear the echoes of the elevator beeping.  I kept thinking to myself that people are lazy!  When I got on the sixth floor, I studied in a perfect little corner with a huge table.  I was surrounded by windows so lights were not necessary.  Then I went to majors lab after a had to print a 10 page lab report (But I used double sided paper) So it was five pages in total.  Then in majors Lab we used gloves and pipets to test the antibiotics that we used.  Today was not a too wasteful day!  It was really hard though because you do not want to contaminate chemicals so everything needs to be thrown out.  I think in our lab we threw out 60 caps of pipets which for a chemisty lab is really good.  It made me feel really bad but I only used one pair of gloves today which is really good!  I wish we did not have to throw out all of the stuff that we did-but what can you do: Nobody is going to want to use a plastic container with e coli or toxic reagents on it.

Kelly Kuppler


  1. I also agree with jen that it is sad that you guys throw that much trash .. but also there are many chemicals involved so it must be hard too. I have to agree with you that people sometimes are really lazy ! in NI week I only walk and also in regular weeks I only walk I think people should do a little exercise and not consume that much energy. So good work with the stairs tomorrow I have to get up untill 4th floor =)

  2. It is too bad about all of the waste from your lab, but like you said, what can you do? I have been thinking the same thing as you in regards to the elevator! I have been walking the four flights in Higley to get to Economics class and some people are using the elevator for like two flights. Aye! Keep up the good work! Only one day to go!

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