This is the fifth day of our no impact week. Everything goes more smooth now. My showering time is reduced to 10 minutes and from Tuesday night I began to wash my hair during showering, instead of washing hear in the morning. I find out it not that difficult for me to do so and actually it is comfortable to wash my hair during showering. I do not have to worry about I may make my clothes wet as before. Energy saving is also going well. However, sometimes I still forgot to unplug my computer when I went to bed. Although it was a one-second thing, but I was always too tired to do so. Oh, I forgot to mention that my roommate supports me a lot and he also try to put himself in this project, too. He only took 5 minute shower (that is quite short!) and unplugged everything when he went to sleep.

When it comes to my most difficult part food, I think I made a big step, and yet I still need improvement.  I did not pay any attention to food and compost before and it is quite difficult to form a habit of it. But in the past 2 days, I did not through any food and eat up all my brought food. It was amazing, wasn’t it? I tried to pick the food not only looking good but also, from my experience, tasting good.And each time I only got myself half cup of drink in order to make sure that I would not waste it. However, one of my goals concerning food is “One piece of napkin one meal”, but I did not reach it or I have to admit that I am far behind it. On average, I used up 3-4 napkins each meal. So, I will try to pay more attention to this and try to reach my goal in the weekend.

Gary Wu


  1. I used a lot of napkins too. I totally agree with you.
    But sometimes it’s really hard to use only one napkin. From tomorrow, I have to start to think about reducing utilization of napkins in my daily life.

  2. I talked about napkins too! Literally, when I start to eat I take one napkin and, maybe this sounds weird, but I just kinda keep it in the hand i’m not eating with. It helps to remind me to not grab any more! Composting napkins is helpful, but why compost more napkins than necessary?

  3. The napkins is something that I never thought about and I think Gary makes an excellent point. When people think of conserving during meal time we are often thinking of not wasting food but the truth is that many of us use tons of napkins per meal. I am one of these people and am shocked to think about how wasteful I have been. I will definitely try to keep my napkin use under control in the future.

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