At this point in the week I have stopped noticing my cutbacks. The idea of cutting back on so many aspects of my life at first seemed daunting but if I just think a little more about what I waste or take for granted I am more likely to not be so flippant about them in the future. I think that one of the easiest things to cut back on was transportation. I had no problems simply walking around form place to place but I think that may be a Denison thing. I know that my friends at other schools have to take a bus just to get to the gym. I know some of us may wish there was a bus to Mitchell we all know that everything on Denison’s campus is within walking distance which makes avoiding transportation fairly easy.

I think that one of the reasons that food is so difficult is because we are slightly limited here at Denison. I think that back home where we have a say in what we eat it is a bit easier to eat local and in season. The dining options in Curtis don’t really take our personal tastes into consideration and so we must make due with their food options. I think that many times food seems like the biggest sacrifice. Turning off your computer or recycling your water bottle doesn’t require us to deny ourselves our favorite food. I think that food maybe the toughest because it requires us to truly think about what we are wasting and what we deem “essential”. I know that I often have problems saying no to sushi in Slayter. I wonder what everyone else thought was the hardest part of food and whether there is a way to eat what we want while still limiting our impact.

Grace Patrick

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