We don’t have much control over our food intake living on a college campus. I eat at the dining hall about twice a day, and also go to Slayter to buy food there. The only options we really have are to make sure we use the opportunities to compost when we are able to, and throw away our wastes in the correct places, as well as try not to buy packaged foods. I have been trying to cut out meat because our consumption of meat has a large effect on the environment and it is not as difficult as I thought it would be. I don’t know if I would continue it strongly after this week but I would like to try to cut down significantly on it.

The accumulation of goals throughout the week as worked pretty well for me. I think it would have had a larger impact if we tried to do it all at once because it would be more drastic changes but these one at a time steps help us really to focus on what we are trying to do. I absolutely believe that as I spend more days on these goals they get easier because these actions are slowly turning into habit.

Allie Richards