Food, Glorious Food

Gradually adding to my list of goals for the week has not been too hard because I realized early on in the week that setting a few simple goals was a lot easier than setting one major goal that really switched up my routine. Energy, water, and transportation have not only been the easiest to maintain, but have also become more natural and require less thought. There is a lot more rhythm in the goals I set, like taking shorter showers, unplugging things that do not necessarily need to be plugged in, recycling more than I normally do, and since everything is really close by, I am only walking. Not many of my friends have cars, but I also do not have the need to drive down to town or to Newark this week. It made me realize that if I did have a car, I would probably be buying a lot more stuff (which in return, consumes and wastes a lot more stuff) that I most likely don’t need. I don’t know that I’d say “practice makes perfect,” but I am definitely getting better overall.

I am definitely still having a hard time with the waste and food categories because besides the dining halls, I do have snack food of my own, which is individually wrapped, which creates waste. And I am definitely more of a grazer  and tend to eat continuously throughout the day rather than eating three big meals a day, and there is only so much food you can take from the dining halls to snack on before the staff starts to notice. My main goal for food were to eat foods that I knew were either locally produced or organic, but this goal proved to be very difficult, considering I only know of one item in the dining halls that is locally produced: milk. I honestly did not know what to do beyond this point. It was super confusing and frustrating and I am hoping I will find out simpler things I can do to create less of an impact through food.

Sarah Post

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  1. I agree on everything. The food is by far a fight that is almost not worth fighting. The food company calls the shots here at Denison. Post, if you and I cooked how we would like to, all our food would be wonderful not to mention have a way low impact. However here in the middle of nowhere these dreams cannot be attained, There will come a day:) Also I wanted to say your observation about if you had a car you would consume more is brilliant. If the a radius of 50 miles from where we are was more accessible then we all would totally be more of consumers. The car invented this “independent” mindset which most likely feeds the consumer & waste streaks, too. You rock, Post!

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