Throughout the week I have not found it impossible to maintain my goals. However, as the week goes on I tend to forget the goals that have not become habitual for me. For example, I can easily take a quicker shower and turn the lights off when I leave. However, I have not yet been able to naturally unplug certain chargers, reduce my waste, and manage food.

With this in mind I could definitely see myself continuing to reduce my water consumption as well as reduce my energy consumption. The goals though definitely do not get easier as the week goes on. Transportation is simple for me since I do not have a car so I do not drive anywhere. Food is hard because I eat in the cafeteria mostly and nothing there is really local. I also do not know what is in it or even if any of the ingredients are local. Since I do not know how it is prepared I also do not know if it came individually wrapped or how much water was used in preparing it or cleaning the plate I used. Food is somewhat of an unrealistic goal at this point. If the farmers market was running at this time it would make things easier but still hard because I do not have a kitchen in my room. Although there is a kitchen in the residence hall basements, still I would have limited resources to prepare the food I want to eat.


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