goal accumulation

I’d say that the accumulation of goals throughout the week has been good because I would have been overwhelmed with everything at once, and it definitely gets harder as more are added on!  I find myself forgetting about other categories’ goals as more get added.  For example, I cleaned my fish bowl today and used SO much water doing it and didn’t even realize what was going on until halfway through.  That got me thinking about how stupid and wasteful the idea of fish are.  Rare species can be overfished and ecosystems damaged, so many resources must go into producing their bowls and food and silly little plastic plants and stuff, and so much water is wasted when let’s be honest, pet fish are really kind of a dumb concept.  I love my fish, but it is not something I really “need.”  At this point I can’t exactly do anything about that problem unless I just kill it which is not happening, but the point is that there is so much crap we use that is just not necessary at all!

Anyways, I think some of the goals have been easier to achieve while others have been more difficult.  The ones that are becoming more of a habit, like turning off the sink while washing hands and unplugging stuff are becoming easier, while the ones requiring more effort are becoming harder, like turning off water while in the shower (okay, it gets cold in there when it’s off!) and sacrificing packaged products.  I think that’s just because I’m selfish and like my hot water and convenient, packaged foods, so as time goes on sacrificing that kind of stuff becomes more annoying.  Food has been pretty difficult, and made me realize just how pathetically unwilling I am to give up food!  My goal was to not eat meat, which I did do successfully today but it was much harder than anticipated.  I wasn’t really sure how to go about eating local foods, but tried to avoid the obvious stuff like bananas.  The easiest part about food has been just taking smaller portions and eating all of it in order to avoid producing more waste.

Jenna Marchese

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