Habitual not Forced

Over the past few days the goals have become easier and easier to accomplish. Things have begun to become more habitual than forced. I don’t even hesitate to turn off my computer or unplug things after I’m done using them. I have really started to enjoy cutting down my energy. While the other ones are a little harder and not as much of a habit this has become a habit I am really proud of. THis morning a friend needed to use my computer and printer before his class. He was very frustrated that my computer was turned off when he needed it and the printer was unplugged, and his annoyance made me so proud that all those things had been done. It bothered him, but the extra few minutes it took to turn things on are so minimal to what an impact it makes to leave them on all the time. This also made me see how other people don’t even realize how huge of an impact it is to leave things on, and how easy it can be to simply unplug things or turn them off.

Showers still haven’t gotten as short as I wanted to get them but I still have a few days. I’ve cut it down from 25 minute showers to usually around 10 or 15 so I’m making progress. That is one thing that I really consciously have to think about changing because it hasn’t quite become a habit yet.

Food is really hard because I eat in Curtis or in Slayter everyday and we don’t have much control over that. I started to think more about where everything I’m eating comes from which is progress I think, so maybe once I get home I will make more conscious efforts to eat food that has less of an impact. As many other people have mentioned, I have tried to cut back on the number of wrappers I use everyday and it has significantly cut down my snacking because everything I want to snack on is individually packaged. I’ve started to compost everything I can in Curtis which is different for me because it just confused me before so I didn’t do it. I also haven’t gone to Slayter to eat in a while because of how much waste it produces.

Taylor Pavlik

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  1. Props to you for your 10 minute showers… I have noticed I am taking more showers but in less time. Instead of staying in the shower foreverrrrr to shampoo, condition, wash my body, and shave, I now dedicate a shower for my hair and a separate one for shaving haha! So now I’m able to cut down my showers to 15 minutes…ish.
    *And for those of you who think I’m being absurd about the time necessity for my hair… It is very much real and I’m not happy about it.

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