I had a dream…

Except I really had a dream…this is not an inspirational speech. So, in my dream last night Curtis had decided to join No Impact week and only serve food that was grown locally. This resulted in me and some of my friends heading over to Curty for dinner to see that the only food they were serving was cereal and milk. Haha. Everyone was so upset!

So this was my dream (which seems less exciting now that I have written it down). But, I did think it was perfect how this happened on the day that we add food to the list. I think it is definitely hard to watch too carefully what we eat when we are so dependent on our dining halls. However, it is hopeful to see that some of the hamburger meat is being supplied by local farms and the milk is also local. One of my goals this week was to be a vegetarian and I have been successful so far! It actually has not been hard at all, I just have found that I need to be more aware of what I decide to eat.

As for the ‘accumulation of goals’ this week I don’t think that it has necessarily gotten harder, but I am consciously focusing on trying to have as little impact as possible, which requires diligence. I am still working on improving my shower time and not using my extra flex dollars to buy packaged goods, but it is definitely all do-able. Honestly, if this week has taught me anything it is just to be more aware of what you’re doing. Do I need to sit at dinner and mindlessly use 4 napkins? No. Do I need to leave the water running while I scrub my hands because i’ll know the water will only be on for a few extra seconds? No. Hopefully changing little habits like this will make us more able to change bigger habits and maybe even major lifestyle changes.

Mia Day


  1. I completely agree, it’s truly hard to find anything local on campus and it was a huge problem when trying not to make an impact on the world. hopefully they can start gathering meat and veggies from farms around Granville in the near future.

  2. I love the irony of your dream…seriously though, there is nothing local to eat. I’ve found that this has been my problem. I tried to justify living off of ice cream (which is somehow local) and milk for 3 days but decided that could end up being a bad idea. I’m in a dilemma about the burgers because I went vegetarian for the week too, so do I justify the meat for the local aspect, or just forget about it because it’s meat. Having this many flex dollars at the end of the year and not being able to spend them is annoying too…all I want to do is stock up on Naked juice and popcorn, but I can’t this week. This isn’t to say that the second the week is over I won’t be heading over to Slayter to indulge, but then be mindful from that point on.

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