Even though I hated the wife in the No Impact Man movie, I understand her quote “I just want to go out there and consume”. The past two days have been extremely difficult in terms of keeping all of the goals I set for myself. One of my professors invited me to coffee, but I had to explain that I couldn’t go because of driving and coffee packaging, so we met in his office. I drank my coffee out of a thermos and ridiculed him for drinking his out of a styrofoam cup. Last night I went on a walk downtown so that I wouldn’t use energy by using a machine at Mitchell. I walked past Whit’s and the flavor of the week is Buckeye…my heart hurt a little bit when I walked by without stopping. I tried to justify it to myself by getting a cone, thus no packaging, but one of my goals is to not spend money. Keeping with it has been a success so far, but one that I am constantly thinking about.

Water has been easy, except for I slipped and took an 11 minute shower yesterday…yikes! I felt pretty guilty after that though, which should account for something. Energy has also been easy…my computer was only on for about five hours yesterday, and I was only actively using it for three of the five. My second day of waste went well. I only threw 2 things away! It makes me wonder how on earth my roommates and I usually have to take out the trash every 4-5 days. Transportation has been easy, but I had a decision to make yesterday that probably impacted transportation somewhere. My phone died, wouldn’t charge, turn on, re-start, or anything. I tried everything and it was just dead. So, I had to decide whether I wanted to drive to the Verizon store in Newark or wait until Sunday to go. It turns out my mom called the store for me and I’m getting a new phone shipped…which definitely creates more pollution than my trip to and from Newark. A little guilty about that, but it is an emergency situation. Not having a phone for going on 40 hours has been a hidden pleasure. I’m relying on walking everywhere to find people instead of texting to see if they are home, because I have no phone. I’m trying, but it isn’t easy at all.

Food starts today and I’m so nervous. I feel like I’ll be living on milk for the next three days…which I’m sure won’t go over well. I’ve been logging my food and noticed that I eat at least 2 bananas a day…which will have to stop. I wish it were summer so that more delicious fruits were in season and local!

Lucy Jobe

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  1. Wow- So great that you set a goal to not spend money. In fact, I haven’t thought about it much this year, but Colin does write about the money saved during NI. I really haven’t spent any money until yesterday (for soup loft soup) and today at Jazzman’s (BY THE WAY…if you take a reusable mug to Jazzman’s this week, coffee is only 49 cents!!!). But this makes me want to look at my bank account at the end of the week…looking forward to it!

    And, I have to admit I’m a little jealous of your 40 hrs without a phone. I feel like we’ve become appendages to our phones! I’d love for people to come see me to talk to me instead. Good luck with the rest of your week.

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