La la la no impact week la la la

Some things are coming easily. I may be as bold to say that I would win the 6 minute shower event if it were in the Olympics (not to be confused with the 5 minute shower event). I unplug my electronics when I’m not using them and realized that I had my charger plugged into my computer a lot previously even when it was fully charged. The daily logs make it easier to remember what must be done.

However, some of my habits that produce waste are so mindless that I only realize I’m doing them when around other environmental studies students. For example, Megan caught me about to push the elevator button while holding a styrofoam plate of chips the other day. I don’t know why I almost pushed the button for 3 flights of stairs or grabbed that foam plate. Did I need that plate? No. People just offered me free food so I took it, evil serving method included.

Transportation- Usually our Tuesday field trips were the only time I ever got in a car here at Denison. Ever. But yesterday I accepted a ride when I was in a hurry. Today, however, I rode my bike to Ross’s market (shout out to Dr. Aguilar! I saw you walking out to your recycling bin today while I was huffing and puffing on my bike! You go, girl. Recycle that can. Yea.)

As far as food goes….. ummm…….is anyone successful with this? I’ve cut down on my packaged snacks but I think that is in the waste category, not food.

Emily Dean


  1. I definitely agree with everything that you have said here Em! I have definitely found it easier to take shorter showers and it has become habitual to just unplug everything such as my computer charger, phone charger, and my power strip when I am not using them. In addition, I used to be exactly like how you were where I had my computer plugged into my charger even though I was at full battery. This was a huge waste of energy, which is why I have decided to only charge my computer when it is at less than 20% and not charge it overnight.

    As far as you accepting the ride, I guess we will allow just this one time for you to get into a car seeing that you were in a hurry. Just this once though : ) But, this is a prime example of why our culture consumes so much. We are all constantly on the go and it seems as if we don’t have the time to do the things that our past generations used to do. This could include walking somewhere, biking to our destination, sitting down to prepare our own meals, growing our own food, walking to talk to someone instead of texting them, etc. We are always in the hurry and it seems that there is just not enough time to do the things that we want to do in one day. And typically if we take the time to do the activities that I mentioned above, we will save energy and reduce our environmental impact. For example, if we decide to walk somewhere instead of driving, we are not only getting exercise but we are reducing the amount of gas used and the harmful gases emitted. But, we always seem to be in a hurry and because driving takes less time, most people will result to driving if they have access to cars. I know that I have already run into this problem of being in a hurry and I have found that I have made poor environmental decisions such as buying a cliff bar or two in slayter instead of sitting down and eating something in the dining hall. It is just something that is bred in our culture, which is why we may need to look into changing our behavior. Granted that it may be very hard to change the habits of our culture, we can take various steps to ensure that we have more time. We can do this by decreasing the amount of time we are glued to our smart phones, computers, ipads, and televisions and using this time to sit down and cook our own meals.

    As far as the food goes, maybe you can try cutting down your consumption of meat or try to eat in the dining halls more than slayter?

  2. I totally agree with Emily in the fact that when I am around other environmental students I tend to keep up with these goals a lot better then when I am surrounded by other people who are not participating in No Impact Week. This relates to behavior and how people model other people’s behavior. If I am with a group of people who are all eating packaged foods then I am more likely to do it too. My solution to this problem is simply to try to convert all those non environmental people to follow my example and get on board with the no impact lifestyle.

  3. I really like to use the elevator,too. Sometimes in Olin, I would like to use elevator even I just need to go to the second floor. I just cant resist pressing the elevator button. I did not notice not using elevator can contribute to the no impact week, but you remind me. I will definitely not do so any more.
    And, yeah, I’ve cut down on my packaged snacks and try to drink only water not beverage. And sometimes, I permit myself for a cup of coffee.

  4. Emily, I aspire to take 6 minute showers! I’m getting there! Maybe by next week? You’re right, food has been a tricky task especially when you combine it with trying to reduce waste. I just do my best to pick at what Curtis has to offer and avoid processed foods.

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