Lots Of Trash But There Is Good News

I have seen a similar pattern in all of my days.  I start off really well, and being very efficient, and then I mess up at the end of the day.  Today was no different.  I started off using very little water in my shower, and eating all of my vegetarian food at the dining hall.  I used very little energy in my room, even to the dismay of my roommates who went to work in the common room after I turned out the lights.  My plan was to go to Curtis for dinner and produce no trash.

This did not happen.  I ended up going and playing in an intramural softball game, and missing curtis and huffman dinner.  This led me to go to meal ex.  I brought my own container and asked them if they would put the fries or the pizza in it.  Both of them say no.  This left me with two pieces of trash along with my cup which was I did recycle.  I then went to get coffee and without thinking ripped open two sugar packets creating even more trash.  So for today, I greatly exceeded my trash goals and produced much more trash then I wanted to.  But there is good news.  My team was successful in winning our intramural softball game.

Samuel Mason


  1. Meal-ex was my undoing yesterday too. It is nice that there are a bunch of recycling bins in Slayter, but it doesn’t help with the sheer volume of trash that must be produced. Good work trying to use your own stuff, if only we had some sort of policy in place, but as with anything with Denison, I’m sure it would take years to put into place. However, softball is awesome! We lost our game though…

  2. Dude meal ex is killer on trash I got roped into it once.

  3. Nice try Sam. I feel the same way at the end of the day. It’s easier to not consume or waste anything when you are busy. I feel that I make the most mistakes at night. i guess you just have to be more conscious about it.

  4. congrats on the IM softball game! I definitely understand your frustration at Meal X, I and I think a lot of others have asked if we could use our own containers and they have said no. It is definitely frustrating when we try to be sustainable and cant, but I think you should definitely give yourself credit for trying!

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