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No Impact Week has gotten easier and easier.  At first, I struggled with taking shorter showers, but as the week has gone by I’m quite accustomed to keeping them under 10 minutes.  I’m not even sure why I would take such long showers…they were such a waste of time! I can’t even think of what I would do for those 20 minutes; probably just stand there thinking about all of the work I should be doing.  Now I can actually allocate that wasted time to productivity, what a thought?! After water came energy, this has definitely been the easiest part of the project since all of my direct energy impact comes directly from my room it is easy to control it.  I simply need to remind myself to unplug my power strip before I leave my room for the day and unplug it before I go to sleep.  I’ve managed to keep my computer off from midnight-5:00p.m. most days, saving a significant amount of energy! Transportation was also very simplistic since everything I need is right on campus.  Twice a week I would drive to the practice field for rugby at Granville High School, but it’s a nice walk and very manageable.

Trying to eat locally and reduce waste from food is another story.  I make sure not to get meal-x since that produces so much waste.  Eating in Curtis I try my best to select foods that seem in season and well…edible.  I’ve been eating a lot more fruit since I know I can compost it and it won’t have as much of an impact on the environment.  I’ve found that snacking has become the most difficult task.  I usually grab a granola bar in the morning instead of breakfast or eat one in the middle of the day, but I’ve had to change my ways in order to reduce waste.

Sarah Fleming


  1. I got meal X, i am struggling with the trash problem as well!

  2. Isn’t it crazy how much time we waste in a day?? I wonder how much time I spend just thinking about stuff while doing other things…. at least it’s not while wasting water now! I feel you on the granola bars. I’m fresh out of snackage so I’m struggling a little less, but I still got Meal X today, which produced a whole lot of waste.

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