Save the Polar Bears

Like man of my peers, it has been an intriguing and challenging week filled with conscious attempts to limit water and shower use, food waste, packaging waste, and energy use. After several days of working towards my goals for NI week, I have realized the importance in setting reasonable goals, rather than unattainable goals. It is human nature to fall short of one goal and then discontinue any subsequent attempts because of the psychological factor-that failure might occur again.

For me, the most difficult goal has been food waste, particularly limiting disposal of packaging that contains food. Yesterday, before I realized it, I had consumed a bag of Sunchips, a Nature Valley bar, and at least two gum wrappers, nearly overshooting my goal of 5 food waste items or less a day. And to make matters worse, I hadn’t remembered or quantified this particular waste until I was lying in bed, at which point I did feel a bit guilty. To make matters worse, I was planning on going to Whit’s this evening with some friends and naturally, order a Grasshopper whitser in a paper cup, using a plastic spoon eat that custardy heaven. Perhaps I’ll be switching things up tonight and ordering a cone instead which would use neither the paper cup nor the plastic spoon. Thanks for pointing this out in your blog post Lucy…

Otherwise, the week has been going well, each day I begin to consciously turn off electronic appliances and unplug devices from the wall. I have also cut back on shower time and not experienced any significant repercussions. I’ve also been composting more regularly in the dining halls. Let’s hope I can motivate myself to continue this “behavior” when NI week is over.

Andrew Malin

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  1. I value your point about setting reasonable goals. When you set reasonable goals you can actually obtain them. Once you have met those goals then that is an opportunity to take the next steps and make your goals more challenging. Waste really takes control this week. You are right that before you know you somehow grabbed a bag of Sunchips or some individually wrapped snack. This week requires complete consciousness of your actions.

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