Thursday- day 4

Today has probably been the best day of “no impact week” so far because it was absolutely gorgeous outside. It was a little cold outside when I woke up, but by mid morning it was a warm and sunny day. This made me want to be outside the whole time and just embrace the natural warmth and light of the sun. I was even studying outside, which is not normal for me because it usually isn’t this nice. I had no reason to be indoors, with the lights on, consuming electricity. Overall, besides for taking a quick afternoon cool shower, I didn’t consume much energy. I got up and had an omelet with veggies and an ice coffee, which I stirred with a spoon. I didn’t have any waste afterwards. Then for lunch I had some of this delicious vegan mushroom risotto from Curtis, just about the only thing Im obsessed with from there, and a veggie burger. I’ve also been drinking nothing but water, which is pretty much all I ever drink anyways, so I’ve been keeping well hydrated. Right now I am sitting inside, in the library, but next to a big window that allows the natural light to come in. Although I want to be outside right now, I wouldn’t be able to see my screen if I was, so this is my last resort. This day is making me believe that Summer is coming even faster than I had hoped. I love sunny days!

Piper Tompkins


  1. Agree, it was a gorgeous day! Def. made it a lot easier!

  2. Agreed! I love sunny days! I think it makes this a little easier!

  3. Keep up the good work! I think one of the problems with sitting next to windows is that you want to go outside and experience it yourself!

  4. You have a great attitude, no-impact week is so much better when its really nice outside!

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