With a birthday comes….trash?

I know this might sound crazy, but I love having a birthday that falls during NI Week.  It forces me to be creative and find news ways to celebrate, making the birth-day fun (even after all these years)!  So, I’ve been planning how I will celebrate NI style.  As usual, food was a central focus.  I wanted a delicious birthday breakfast, so I made a local egg sandwich (local bread, local egg, local cheese, local chives).  But I knew that in order to really enjoy this breakfast I would have to accompany it with a cafe au lait from Anita at Jazzman’s (she seriously makes this drink better than any one around these parts and I’ve tried out a lot).  However, there would be a price to pay for this treat….trash!  Even though I asked Slayter to provide sugar dispensers so that I could visit Anita without guilt, they’ve yet to find a way to accommodate this request (though I’ve been told they are working on it).  So with my birthday breakfast, came sugar packets.  Also, I received flowers, which is so sweet!  But of course, they were wrapped in 2 layers of celophane.  Does this still count as the trash I create??  I felt like a waste superhero yesterday.  Today, not so much.

Still, I’m looking forward to a nice long jog to see the eagle’s nest and then another great local meal.  And since the weather is outstanding, I imagine I’ll run into a number of people around town (one of the beautiful perks about living in the village).

OH…and I just found out that Jazzman’s is offering coffee for 49 cents if you bring in your reusable mug!  If only I had attempted the cafe au lait sooner!

Have an awesome fourth day!!!  As Tom says, Go Green or Go Home!


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  1. Happy Birthday Dr. Aguilar!!!! I have really liked the Jazzman’s approach- It has saved me a lot of money this week! We all have off days with trash- Enjoy the rest of your birthday and go green! 🙂

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