Day 4: Thank You, Sodexo

Those are three words I never though I’d say in one sentence. It’s true though. I asked Sally (Pizza lady) if I could put my cheese sticks from Pizza Hut on a napkin, and she complied. I managed to handle meal ex with minimal waste. I used two napkins (compostable), two milk cartons (with regret, but recyclable), and the sauce container (trash!). On that note, I think I can keep my goal of keeping my trash in a 17 oz bottle. It’s not quite full with one day left, and some of the contents is recyclable and compostable. I’m doing pretty well, I suppose. It struck me how much waste my friends had at meal ex. Every single thing was in a separate container. I had just one little container. Sally laughed, but I guess that’s part of the experiment. It will be nice to get to use napkins without feeling guilty, but I now know how easy some of these changes can be. Just one more day…

Conner Toth

Conner Toth '15 Geoscience Major Spanish Minor

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  1. Those sodexo guys were also very helpful during the earth week

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